How much does Microcrete cost?

The price of placing Microcrete depends on the amount of square feet to be applied and the conditions under which the pavement lies.

How resistant is Microcrete?

Microcrete lasts much more than conventional cements, due to its higher resistance.

In case of damage to the pavement is far easier to repair, which is not in case with tiles and ceramics.

How thick is Microcrete?

The thickness varies from 1 to 4 mm depending on the type of base on which it is applied. The minimum thickness in walls is achieved with a completely smooth aspect. Unlike floors, that must have a larger thickness in order to create a link between the ground and the product.

How long does it take to apply?

Each project requires a valuation to calculate the time necessary for application. It is necessary to know the surface area to be coated and the finish that you want to apply.

It is important to also take into account the drying times between the different steps.

In general, Microcrete is ready to be used 74 hours after the final application.

It is possible to apply colour?

The colours to be applied are varied, since this material allows the creation of a customized colour palette. We always recommend you see a sample first.

How is Microcrete cleaned?

Microcrete maintenance is very simple, using a damp cloth with a detergent solution or applying a wax to get a brighter look. We advise the use of the Multinet neutral detergent and the Super Glow wax, suitable for this type of coating. These products are available in Microcrete.

What to do with the existing cracks?

Before applying the product the surface to be coated must be examined. Given that all the cracks are not final and subject to change, the product should be elastic. The meshes of fiberglass, resistant to swelling and decomposition, are a durable solution ideal for problems like these.

Can Microcrete be applied on furniture?

Yes, you can apply Microcrete on wood provided the furniture presents a perfect rigidity in order to get a good result in the folds.

Can Microcrete be applied on wood floors?

The solution is not applicable, since Microcrete can only be applied at bases fixed to the floor, which usually is not the case of wood flooring. With the application of this product, the coefficient of expansion of the wood would not allow an efficient application. To achieve a satisfactory result it is necessary first to remove the wood.

Can Microcrete be applied on tile?

Microcrete can be applied on any type of tile. The joints disappear, obtaining a completely smooth and continuous surface. No need to remove the existing floor, which allows a quick and economical application.

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