Although enjoying a relatively easy application, Microcrete is a material that requires some cares, especially in the period after its implementation.

There are often some traffic situations on site. However, it is best to keep the surface intact during the first week.

After the area is properly dry it will acquire mechanical properties that will strengthen the durability of the material. Ideally, you should let it rest for four weeks to acquire absolute firmness and quality, however, in case of impossibility, know that after the first 48h/72h, Microcrete acquires between 60% and 70% of its strength.

Regarding the temperature, it is desirable that the room temperature remains at 20 °C and the relative humidity at <70%. If the temperature is below 10 °C and relative humidity > 70%, the Microcrete cure is slower and will require one week of drying.

The issue of low temperature may also influence the final aspect, which may result in some loss of brightness and color.

Recommendations for the first 72 hours:

  • Do not wash or clean;
  • Provide ventilation to avoid condensation of vapors generated by Microcrete sealing (the generation of fumes varies according to the chosen sealing);
  • If possible, avoid stepping on the surface to avoid the appearance of footsteps;
  • The temperature should be above 15 °C;
  • Avoid spills.

Recommendations for the first week:

  • Protect the area with cardboard or paper;
  • Clear the floor only with water, without using soap or detergent;
  • Avoid dropping heavy objects not to leave marks;
  • Avoid spills (paint, etc.)
  • Maintain the temperature above 15 °C.

Recommendations for the first month:

  • Protect floor from extremely heavy objects;
  • Use water and detergent or neutral soap to clean;
  • Keep the temperature above 15 °C.

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