Always at the forefront of taste and elegance, Microcrete microtopping provides practical and decorative benefits on coating floors and walls.

Ideal for rehabilitation projects and minimalist decor, Microcrete is a flexible and high quality material that can enhance any space, granting a more modern and distinctive look.

Microcrete microtopping can be applied on wood, tile, natural stone and ceramics. It is highly resistant to water, grease and oils, and its application is ​​quick, without noise, mess and rubble. Furthermore, problems such as moisture, cracks and dirt accumulation in the joints cease to exist.

Dedicated to the production and merchandising of this material, Microcrete offers a wide variety of colours and finishes tailored to every taste. We also have a team of professionals that are specialized applicators, available to travel to any part of the country and satisfy customers` needs.

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